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Are you interested in leasing? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. At, we can provide you with the needed information to help you make an informed decision.

What is leasing? Leasing is defined as the contract between the lessor/owner and the lessee/user of a certain property. For instance, when you lease business property, the owner will receive financial compensation in return to the rights vested on the lessee for using the property.

Lease arrangements are of different types, and if you are a business owner, you have to make sure that you’re making the right decision. Just in case it is not feasible for you to put up your own business space, leasing is the best option. By choosing this alternative, you can use business capital for other needs such as equipment and inventory. Did you know that most small businesses lease their storefronts?

The Considerations

Knowing then good and bad points of leasing are vital, so you can make an informed choice. There are certain factors to consider which includes the following:

  • Operating requirements vary among businesses, and if you are confident that there is going to be a great change in the coming years, leasing is an excellent option; you don’t have to worry about moving to another location
  • Capital – through leasing, you can free up a portion of the capital and use it for the business operations like equipment, production, payroll, and advertising; leasing is an ideal option for businesses with limited cash or capital
  • Flexibility – seasonal businesses can benefit from leasing because they can spread out the leases over a certain period; hence, you can adjust to the variations in cash flow without difficulty
  • Resale value – if you have plans of re-selling the business in the future, leasing may not be a good choice; some business  owners are confident that their businesses have a long term potential, and so purchasing property is a better choice
  • Tax benefits on the part of the property owners – lessees can’t avail of these tax benefits, along with tax credits; therefore, you have to weigh things thoroughly before making the decision
  • Equipment maintenance stipulations – stipulations regarding maintenance or upgrading of equipment varies among lease agreements; the increased flexibility given to lessees is an added advantage if you want to make an upgrade

Types of Property Leases

for lease
For lease

Knowing the different types of leases is the best way to make the right choice. Below are the different types:

  • Full service – this is common among office buildings that house multi-tenants. Aside from the lease payment, a lump sum is also paid for supplementary services; the property owner can provide services like maintenance, security, janitorial, and utilities.
  • Gross lease – a gross amount which can include sales tax, is paid to the owner of the property; in this arrangement, the lessee shoulders the utilities while the landlord is responsible for maintenance, insurance, and taxes. Under this type, business owners can choose between the flat and step lease.
  • Net Lease – the lessee will need to pay the base rent, along with additional sum to cover property taxes; the percentage of occupied space is determined and this will serve as basis when paying the property tax
  • Percentage Lease –  the lessee has to pay the base rent, plus a 10-12% gross revenue; the percentage in the gross revenue may be given quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the agreements with the property owner

Regardless of type of lease that you choose, you have to make sure that you read the agreement carefully. Never sign a lease contract without first understanding its scope, terms, and other aspects. Read the fine print and shop around at great locations. There is no point in leasing property if the location is not accessible to your targeted market.

The lease agreement covers different elements. It is not enough that you know the different types of leases and the basic considerations. You also need to look into other elements such as the acceptability of the contract, the willingness of the landlord to make negotiations, etc.

The leasehold improvements should be clarified. For instance, you have to determine if the property owner will shoulder the cost for improvement such as electrical wiring, carpeting, plumbing, ceiling tiles, security systems, and many others. Another thing is the length of the lease. How long do you plan to lease out the property? You can choose between a short term and long term lease, and your decision should reflect that of the business goals. You also have the option to choose between existing buildings and planned ones.

At, you can find all the information you need to make an informed decision. There are many lease agreements that you can choose from, and we can help you especially if this is your first time to lease!

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Shock Collars For Dogs Is Made Safe and Effective

shock collar
Shock collar

Shock collars for dogs are built with safe and effective materials. This is not like the other brands of shock collars that you usually see to the market. It is made of high quality and functional components that help it to function well. Lease Dash contains a lot of safe and effective stuff for dogs. This has comprehensive information that will help dog owners on how they can maintain their pets in good and safe condition.

Shock collars for dogs are one of the things that they have. They recommend these collars for individuals who are having difficulties in teaching their dogs or disciplining them. But there are several people who are afraid to purchase it for their dogs due to the electric shock that it gives. Actually, this electric shock is not dangerous to dogs. It utilizes small quantity of electricity just to remind them that they should not enter in any restricted area.

Shock Collars For Dogs: Types

The shock collars for the dog are made in two types. This types are has their own features and appearance that’s why it is truly safe to use.

Pet Containment System

This is also called as the electric or underground dog fence. It helps dogs stay in a specific area of your property. This system truly works through hiding the wire in the surface perimeter of the house or yard. Good dog fence wire can be found on Amazon, or various internet retailers for dog fence wiring.

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Dog Bark Collars

It works by delivering a static shock when the dog barks. This typically sense barking via vibration or sound. Due to its automatic performance, you can easily see it impressive result.


The e-collar works just like the shock bark collar and pet containment system. It has unique receiver collar and remote. So when your dog is misbehaving, get your remote and give it a little bit of a shock. This shock will correct the behavior of your dog. The remote has level of static shock, but it is will be safe to choose the lowest level of it for the safeties of your dogs.

Shock Collars For Dogs: Uses

The shock collars for dogs have a variety of uses.

  • Used to give the dog proper discipline.
  • It is also used for training methods.
  • Used when dogs are misbehaving.
  • This will help dog owners to keep their dogs safe.

Shock Collars For Dogs: Effectiveness

These shock collars are truly effective when it comes to teaching dogs the right and proper discipline. A lot of professional trainers and even ordinary dog owners are utilizing this product due to its helpful benefits that truly suit their needs. The Lease Dash is recommending this to a lot of people because it gives immediate result to their dogs. Moreover, it also provides help to dog owners not only when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of their pet but also in keeping them safe. That’s why this site is the most trusted site when it comes to disciplining dogs and making sure that they are safe.

Know More About Leasing


For people who are interested in leasing properties that can be transformed into a business, this is the best website for you. Lease Dash is a website that can provide information about properties that can be leased. The company can also provide assistance to people who own properties that can be used for different leasing opportunities.

Generally, there are many properties that are being ignored by their owner, and this is the main target of this company. They can find people who are interested in leasing properties for business. The word leasing is probably defined as a written contract between the property owner and the lessee or a person who will use the property. When a person lease a property, the owner of that property deserves a financial compensation which is the payment for using the property.

If a dog fence is in the property, the user must first consult the land owner if he/she can remove the dog fence. Asking permission is necessary especially in the part of the land user. Removing the dog fence without the permission of the land owner can result to destruction of property. The lessee must always ensure that the land owner will be first informed about particular changes that he/she will do on the property. Property leasing can provide advantage or disadvantage in your business and it depends on how you will manage the property in a way that your capital will not be wasted. Making the right choices are essential in this business and leasing a property for your business can provide positive or negative result in your capital.

If in case your business area is small to put up a structure as an expansion, the best option would be to lease a lot or a property nearby. Leasing can be the best option especially in areas that have limited space. This often happens in a rural area wherein the buildings maximize their lot coverage. In general, leasing a property can have different types and agreement; this will all depend on the property owner. For the people who choose the option on leasing a property, some of the capital can be used in purchasing useful equipments to further expand your business.

Normally, small businesses usually rent their storefront and this is the basic in the world of business. People must always start in small locations that are for lease because this will save them the cost of building their own establishment. Renting or leasing a property can allow you to maximize your capital that can be used for different purposes which are essential in putting up your business.

In leasing a property, there are pieces of information that must be understood by the lessee. This is very important especially the terms and conditions of the owner. Both parties must have a fair agreement regarding the property and this will ensure long term relationship between the property owner and the lessee. Remember, leasing a property is the best choice and Lease Dash can provide the best information and choice in leasing a property.